Hey! I’m Carla. Welcome to Holy Writ. This podcast is my outlet for two ongoing addictions of mine: faith and words. In these conversations, I get to ask faith people one of my favorite questions: What are you reading?

Christian faith is my heritage. My relationship with that faith has ranged from zealot to cynic. Though my beliefs have shifted and become less central, I find I am still deeply curious about the faith process and how it informs and forms my life.

I get my word fix through both reading and writing. I’m a bit word obsessed and went so far as to get a master’s degree in English just to spend more time with the written word. Reading and writing shape my understanding of myself and the world.

Over the past few years, my occupation has been in faith work. In that work, I get to spend time with people who are asking questions about their religious history and active faith. These people are some of my favorites. Many of them aren’t at all what you’d expect a faith person to be.

Since I think one of the best ways to get to know people is to ask them what they’re reading, that’s what I do. My guests tell me about articles, poems, favorite books, or recent reads. I read and we discuss. It’s part book club, part interview that I hope stirs a new kind of conversation that humanizes faith and finds holy writ in unexpected places.